Wij lopen over van de ideeën voor Musicdott. Maar jullie ook natuurlijk. Sommige ideeën zijn wellicht niet uitvoerbaar, maar wij zijn blij met elk idee dat binnenkomt. Dus vul snel onderstaand formulier in met jou idee. 

Oh ja, kijk even naar de ideeen die we al verzonnen of ontvangen hebben. Misschien staat je idee er al tussen!

* SOLVED * Simplify The Password Reset

If a student has forgotten the password and requests a new password, a complex long password is created and sent to the student. Is it an option to make the password reset easier by using, say, two random words and pasting them together? Solution implemented. With password reset, a password will now be sent that is easier. It is still advisable to set your own password after requesting a password reset. To change it again in your own Musicdott environment.

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Add A Video To The Exercise

Separate field to add your own video (use embed code from YouTube or Vimeo). Now this is already possible, only then the embed code must be placed in the comments field. Own field can be used to get a better layout.

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Help And Instruction

Create help file / manual for teachers and students. You can also add videos with explanations and instructions. The instructional videos can also be very useful to show new customers even better which benefits can be achieved with Musicdott.

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Offer the possibility to draw up a standard (but legally very good) contract based on the name and address of the music school and the student.

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Add a PDF Book or File

When adding books, not only link pages from “real” books, but also offer the possibility to add a book as a PDF file. In addition, an extra checkmark that the customer knows that no material containing copyright may be added.

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Heb jij nog een goed idee?