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De 'must-have' app voor elke muziekdocent


Musicdott gives you a central view of all your lessons, songs, books and student newsmessages. The Musicdott database safes you much time. Time which you can invest in your students. You only write music notation once for your lessons and songs and connect that to as many students as you want.
With an automated reward system, you reward your students for the progress that thet make. Dare them so they can earn a bronze, silver or golden star.

  • Manage progression and with a single mouse click;
  • Reward students with a single mouse click;
  • Safe valuable time by storing all lessons, songs and books in a database;
  • Easily publish important news on your students dashboard;
  • Easy daily schedule with link to student progress;
  • Create your own database with lessons and songs in no time;
  • Save valuable lesson preparation time;
  • Clear view of student progression;
  • Challenging and motivating reward system for students;
  • Add Spotify playlist from student with their own songs;
  • Basic student administration in a complete clear view.


The students have their own personal space where they can view the learned lessons and songs. They can read the latest news or play along with their lessons and songs.

  • View your learned exercises and see where you can improve;
  • Your songs and lessons anywhere on-line available;
  • Slow down your drumexercise to help you get on speed;
  • Room for improvement? Your progression in a clear view;
  • See when you're next lesson will be;
  • All the musicschool- and teachers info in a central place;
  • Pick up your tablet or laptop to access your portal.

The primary goals of business process improvement

Reducing process completion time

Identifying wasted efforts

Improving the quality of work output

Achieving regulatory compliance

Reducing friction in the process

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Our Testimonials

Het Musicdott team

Ontmoet de creatieve breinen achter Musicdott

MArketing / Sales / development

"A nice system with practical exercises. Very nice and clear view of your progression so you see what you've learned and what needs to be learned. A Potential market gap...." Frans (student)
"Very nice to change the tempo at my drum exercises. Together with my teacher I learn to listen to songs and write it out in Musicdott..."


Welke updates zijn geïmplementeerd en welke bugs zijn verholpen?


What does a Musicdott license contains?

  • Your own Musicdott portal;
  • Portal personalised with you own logo;
  • The Teachers-, Students-, Books-, Lessons-, Songs-. and Newsmodule;
  • Your name and logo on our website;
  • Unlimited access to updates;
  • Access to workshops in collaboration with Popradar Den Haag;
  • A nice discount on other products.

You only pay € 25,00 excl. taxes per month for 25 students.
Expand you environment for only € 2,50 excl. taxes for every extra 5 students.
You will recive a monthly invoice from us in the first week of every new month.

Pricing Example

An average musicschool has around 35 students. So the license fee will be € 30,00 excl taxes per month. So it will cost less then € 1,00 per student!