Of course we hope that the application does its job without grumbling and murmuring. But even we make mistakes. Of course we do this to learn from. If you encounter an error, called a bug in computer language, in Musicdott, please let us know? Then we will do our best to resolve this as soon as possible. If necessary, we can help you quickly with a workaround.

Bugs found on these pages. Does it say * SOLVED *? Then the bug is already solved 🙂

* SOLVED * Last Teacher Account Can Be Deleted

If the last teacher account is deleted, the system will automatically log the teacher out and the teacher will not be able to access anything anymore. This is not a desirable situation. Fix by not offering the option to delete the very last account. When canceling Musicdott, no idea why someone would want that ;-), we will ensure that everything is deleted in accordance with AVG / GDPR. SOLVED The logged in teacher cannot delete his / her own account.

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* SOLVED * Active / Non Active Logging in

A student with an account that has been set to inactive can still log in to Musicdott. Solved: Code changed. Status not active? Logging in is no longer possible. Did you know that you do not pay license fees for an inactive account? If your student returns after, for example, 3 months, his or her account can be used again. That saves work!

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Max Pages For PDF Files

When adding a PDF file that is larger than 3 pages, Musicdott no longer shows this. Workaround: Open / download the PDF and then open it in Chrome or Acrobat Reader.

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