Musicdott v2.00

After a long wait, version 2.00 of Musicdott is finally a fact. In this article I share with you the changes and improvements that we have made in Musicdott 2.0. It has been a long development period, in which difficult decisions had to be made, but we are happy with the new version of Musicdott.


The GUI (Graphical User Interface) has undergone some small changes. The search field and the clock have been moved up. Here and there a shadow border has been added and the gray widget bar now runs nicely under the yellow bar into the footer. All code has been improved, made even more secure and faster. In addition, error handling has been taken care of with better error handling. We also opted for a different font, easy to read and a pixel larger.

In addition, all modules have to give the same layout as much as possible and make less use of submenus. This allows you to get to your end result faster with fewer clicks.

Oh yes, at the bottom is now a footer with a number of statistics in addition to general information.


The layout has been changed. The submenu buttons at the top right are gone. In the table with teachers, the options to delete an account, change the password and modify the account are immediately available. This saves a number of clicks. Per teacher it is now also possible to indicate how many results per page are visible on pages in which a selection of data from the database is displayed.


Youtube and Vimeo video can now be added to the news module using embed code. The image can also be changed with the news item.


PDF files can now also be added to a part in the book module. The cover of a book can also be removed or changed. The layout has been changed so that it has the same look and feel as most other modules.


Lots of changes. Quicker access to everything, always available from the hamburger menu in the top left corner. Quickly edit student details, get their progress in view and more, much more.

This is quite a story and we hope that you will continue (or start to) work with Musicdott with even more pleasure. Please let us know about your experience with Musicdott.

Happy teaching and playing!

Stefan & Oscar