• Changelog


    Because continuity and performance are very important to us, it was decided to further expand the server environment for Musicdott. A second server has been placed to synchronize the database, website and mail environment. We have chosen not to let you notice it again and we succeeded again! We had already taken care of a good external backup of the data and, of course, also did not lose sight of security. The operating system is regularly updated with the latest security updates. Should something still go wrong, our management system will inform us and we can take immediate action. In the network drawing below you can see how the Musicdott…

  • Buglist

    * SOLVED * Last Teacher Account Can Be Deleted

    If the last teacher account is deleted, the system will automatically log the teacher out and the teacher will not be able to access anything anymore. This is not a desirable situation. Fix by not offering the option to delete the very last account. When canceling Musicdott, no idea why someone would want that ;-), we will ensure that everything is deleted in accordance with AVG / GDPR. SOLVED The logged in teacher cannot delete his / her own account.